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Author Topic: Louis, Tessy & Family  (Read 1178373 times)
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« Reply #3810 on: April 06, 2021, 01:15:11 PM »

Well, at least congratulations to the happy couple, wishing them all the best.

Louis is still a bit goofy. And as far as I know he doesn't has an own income, only what he gets from his parents and related. But if it works for them....

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« Reply #3811 on: April 06, 2021, 02:03:01 PM »

Congratulations to the happy couple!  Champagne

The photo is a little weird. It looks like it's been photoshopped from a few individual photos. And it's spring, couldn't they have had a nice picture taken in the garden?

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« Reply #3812 on: April 06, 2021, 02:16:35 PM »

I hope they're happy.

I think Louis and his boys should get their own thread, and Tessy to can be relegated to the "Ex Royals" section.  Do we have one?  It would fill up pretty quickly!

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« Reply #3813 on: April 06, 2021, 02:51:45 PM »

I hope they're happy.

I think Louis and his boys should get their own thread, and Tessy to can be relegated to the "Ex Royals" section.  Do we have one?  It would fill up pretty quickly!

Yes, separate threads could be interesting now. Like Joachim and Marie of DK have their thread together and Joachim's first wife Alexandra her own thread for example :

'Louis, Scarlett & family News' and 'Tessy Antony de Nassau News' ?



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« Reply #3814 on: April 06, 2021, 05:28:34 PM »

They look happy in that first pic.

It's a little strange that there's no mention of her parents in the official announcement, especially as Louis works for/with them as well.

 Maybe that photo with his parents is supposed to show their support? I don't know it looks a bit weird but it could be worse from this family.

That's what I was thinking. Usually public engagement photos never show the parents. It looks to me that "this time" Louis' parents are happy about his choice of  his future wife.

There is no extremely young age and no surprise for all of them. So far Scarlett does not seem to be a person who always wants to be in the spotlight (like Tessy was and still is), much more decent and keeping herself in the background. Her education is finished, the inlaws don't have to pay for it, obviously she comes from a somewhat wealthy family (seems to be an important factor for nonroyals to marry into royalty).

 Louis always looks a bit weird, and I sometimes wonder how he could find such an attractive woman. But, he must have other positive qualities to be attractive. I wish them happiness and an everlasting marraige, also a good relationship with his sons.

I can imagine that the new changes in their life are not so easy. First the divorce, then his mother engaged and already pregnant, with her daily instagram presence, now the father also in a new relationship.
They are teenagers, a difficult time , even without family turmoil.

All that happiness that Tessy is posting everyday, I cannot believe it. But that is her style and choice.
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