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Author Topic: Posting on the wedding day!  (Read 33511 times)
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Good afternoon fellow Forum Members! 
As my username reveals, I am a 20 year old Danish student, carrying out a college project, about The British Monarchy. My aim of the Project is to analyze the branding of the Royal Family and finally assessable the Royal family’s chances to survive in the near future. In order to improve my results, I have made a survey to get a better insight of the British populations opinion regarding the issues accounted above.
I would be very pleased if you could find a couple minutes of your valuable time to answer my Survey.
By following these simple steps during the survey, I would be very happy, as it helps me organize the answers much easier 
1.   Click the link.
2.   Fill in your answers.
3.   Copy the Survey and PM my user.
As simple as that!
 Btw. I wouldn’t mind at all if you could share the survey with friends, or family too 
(In case the link does not work, just PM for the Schedule)
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate and send me a PM, and I would happily answer your question ASAP!
Thank You very much!
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