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Author Topic: Denmark to re-impose border controls  (Read 7354 times)
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Julchen,  Star being to Germany with work, and it was lovely, the only think I found strange was the autoban? The speed of the cars wow!, and no hedges between fields. But to add no country has a total clean history, do you know Ireland sent condolences to Germany on the death of hitler, really Shocked and after the war church hill on the radio , tore de Valera and Ireland to shreds, now I would not be a de Valera fan at all but his rebuttal speech was totally great....
I am not applauding what De Valera did re Hitler but according to Diarmaid Ferriter in his book judging Dev he did not do it through support of Hitler,he was following diplomatic relations.I think that De Valera likely had Asperger Syndrome.You are right he could be very eloquent another speech that was quite brilliant was when Ireland was admitted to The League Of Nations.In Ireland one of our worst episodes is that we turned away a very large quantity of Jews fleeing the Nazi's not something to be proud of

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