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Author Topic: Zara Phillips & Michael Tindall NEWS  (Read 437716 times)
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« Reply #2085 on: August 14, 2019, 09:58:03 AM »

To be honest, is it really news? A rich man pays for minor royals to have positions on his board, hardly seems new. I do find it ironic the DM, who usually bleats on about how the royals are costing us a pretty penny, is so bothered that some rich man wants to pay them to do a minimal job out of his own plentiful funds at no cost to us - what's the alternative - have all the royals paid for by taxpayers funds - then watch the DM implode in anger.
I believe he has many benefits, under the table, and that's why he pays minor royals.
But, of course, it's way better than the taxpayers paying for the whole family.
Zara and her brother do not have a title, so imo it's ok to receive money this way.

This is probably like #20 on the list of image problems Windsor, PLC has right now.

Very true. To me it looks shady, and I don't get why her people lied about her involvement.

As long as this role isn't about buying access to the royal family* then yep, deal with the other 19 problems first

*Let's be honest, this is at least 50% of the reason any royal or royal-adjacent is on the board or an advisor to any company

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