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Author Topic: James Middleton - Pipsters and Kates brother  (Read 12967 times)
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Lovely. I just need to switch out some names, write Elsa instead of Ella and it could be a letter from me...
you won't read this James, but we have all been there too.
We feel your pain, we share your grief and we mourn your loss.

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"if I had the choice between world peace and a Prada handbag, I'd choose the latter one" Marian Keyes.

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James Middleton On Losing The Dog That Got Him Through Depression | This Morning
Whether itís daily snuggles on the sofa, or the wagging tail that greets you when you get home - it's hard to imagine a life without our pets. But sadly last month, James Middleton had to face the day all dog owners dread. After fifteen years together, he said goodbye to his beloved cocker spaniel, Ella, who died following liver failure. As he opens up about the void her death has left, he's joined by Matthew Robinson from the charity Pets As Therapy, plus therapy dog, Mabel, and her puppy, Isla.

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