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Author Topic: The Yorks - News  (Read 1977659 times)
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The public has been very harsh with women - I think about Amber (can't remember her last name) in the Scott Peterson case. She dated Scott Peterson after he told her that he was a widower. She came forward when she realized that he might have killed his wife and that he had fed her with a lot of lies - still, she got roasted publicly. She did (IMO) nothing wrong. She dated. She was lied to. She spoke up to help the wife he betrayed. She was publicly tared and feathered in the process. All she did wrong was that she trusted him and his narrative (which sounded believable).
I think Amber was a brave hero for helping with the investigation. She had no idea he was married and when things started to not add up, she withdrew and only pretended to still be interested to help law enforcement.
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