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Author Topic: Charlene 2021 - News & Events  (Read 49281 times)
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« Reply #180 on: June 29, 2021, 06:30:57 PM »

Watched it me,  I've seen happier widows.  She literally was sobbing at the end when she left her bouquet in a chapel.  As I remember fatAl was rough and uncaring.

I wonder if when she watches that video she goes, "I remember that face."   No doubt that glossy little PR piece was produced by the palace. 

I'd feel sorry for her but they were together a long time, she knew his history, she was no blushing bride, she signed the pre nup, she knew the duties and penalties (losing her children).  I honestly hope it doesn't come to that, I adore those kids, they appear so happy, I wish them the world.

i agree.  seems she got caught up in the princess title and money.  she didn't look happy at her wedding and there were the rumors of her trying to get away, but in the end she did it.  she could've postponed it if she wasn't sure/happy.

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« Reply #181 on: June 29, 2021, 07:20:01 PM »

Too bad he can't afford to fly to see her  Roll Eyes on their anniversary.  I'm not buying this a bit.  As someone suggested, maybe the prenup required her to stay in for 10, that's done. 

Also think it's strange the announcement was from her not the palace.  I don't believe their story, but if she is ill, hopefully she'll be better soon.  It's the scream for attention with that crazy hair that really makes me think, it's a big deal. 

Any new information about the court case? 

She has appeared over the last couple of years to be struggling mentally. Actually right from the wedding when she tried to escape. It's all caught up with her. I think the kids are the reason she's stayed. Now with this latest accusation, it's probably just finished her off. Just a guess on my part.

Did you see the Instagram video of her wedding she posted? It doesn’t look like she was escaping or unhappy. in fact, she looked pretty darn happy.

I think they are happy together and they give space to each other. The children also are happy and much loved (and many times I read here 'the children always know').

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« Reply #182 on: July 05, 2021, 02:08:21 PM »

Princess Charlene is appointed vice president of the Red Cross by an ordonnance of the sovereign  which is dated of the day juni 24th 2021

Here is an argument against the bad rumors of the tabloids
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